Lack of Inertia

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Currently I am working on all three books in the trilogy. It’s not easy. I’m getting ready to actively launch Book 1 while at the same time reviewing Book 2. I’m double checking the coordination from Book 1 and to Book 3, and endlessly proof-reading while it’s at the publisher now. Each morning I try to write the next chapter for Book 3.

Launching the book is all about promotion. I don’t have a huge (far from it) budget so I started by just asking a few friends to read and review the book for Amazon. Wrong- and I know better, too. I will say that I made up a spotty Marketing Plan several months before the book was out. I’m not sure where it is now. Recently I made another, more complete plan. Other information I gathered to add to that plan is in several notebooks, online (in likely more than one folder), on my desk, in paper folders on a table in my office, in a book and in my mind. Not good.

Up until now my focus has been on throwing a kind of meet & greet the author night locally in an intimate, nice place that serves beer and wine and on continuing to give out copies of my book and ask for reviews in exchange. Did you know that even when someone says they will happily do a review – they don’t always ? It’s true. 75 requests, gets you 25 reviews.

This morning I finally googled: How to launch a book. Every site said you need to procure many, many, many reviews and the way to do that varies. That topic requires a whole separate post so I’ll just say I’m embarking on the methods given.

Book 2 is a couple of weeks from my receiving the first interior pages- Pass 1. Even though I had an editor review and proof, and two more academic individuals edit and proof with much success for the first book, I found a tiny typo after the book went to press. One tiny typo suggests there might be others. Of course I have seen them in other books, and it did not mar my enjoyment of the book, but still, I remembered it. So naturally, I’m doing my best to publish a professional book.

Finally the last book. I’ve had more trouble writing this one than either of the prequels. A main contributor to that, I think, is focus— lack of it. I’m all over the map with the first two, and my other work—teaching. For the first time it’s been difficult making myself write in the morning as routine. I desperately want to get back to that ritual minus the invasive thoughts of other obligations that I have. I also am completely unsure where Book 3 is going.

There are multiple websites to help me with what I need to do, but as a fellow writer told me about herself recently…what I absolutely really need to do— is take action. No more self-study, just make time to do it. Posting this entry next. That’s my action.

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