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Getting Serious…



Dimension Norraena: Discovery has been published. It is the second book of the trilogy.  I love how it looks and I’m happy with the over-all improvement in my writing which among other refinements, is shorter as a result of my toning down my verbosity. It’s really easy when you are writing the way you talk, to add a lot of unnecessary words to your sentences. The feedback I’ve had on the first book in the series has not been a complaint about length (or actually anything else) however realization about your prospective readers comes with some surprises.

I gave books to a number of friends and family. I mentioned off hand that if they felt like writing a review or making some comments to please do so on Amazon. People who were close to me I actually asked to write a review. It was my understanding that you need a huge amount of reviews for Amazon to take any note of you at all. I asked one of my brothers and my son if they wanted to read my accomplishment . The first question from both was: “How many pages does it have?” Their responses were less than exciting. When I think of how many books I gave to people who were really positive about my writing and often very encouraging, and how few I think have actually read it, or not bothered to write a review-it’s disappointing.

It takes a lot of effort, energy and time to write a book. If you are not doing it for yourself as well, you may not get the acknowledgment, praise, appreciation or just enjoyment that you hoped for.
On the positive side- good reviews are refreshing and that brings me to my blog at this point on promotion. Ay yi yi…

I’ve heard so many authors talk about hating to promote- just wanting to write. You have to love the idea, I think, to get some mileage on your sales chart. It’s difficult because the product is in essence about selling yourself. You have to get others to believe that what you have to say is either of value to them or of interest. And let’s face it- there’s a world full of other authors saying the same thing about their work. Of course your slant on whatever you are offering is unique. So it is worthy of promoting. It’s still a chore, isn’t it? Which brings me to my long delay in doing it myself.

In the reviews, both written and given to me verbally, I frequently heard, “When will the next one be out?” I gave them a possible time frame, but I was off by three or more. It dawned on me that it was a long time to have to remember what happened before, once the new book was available. I realized that having a closer target date for the last book in the trilogy might be my best time to really start promoting. In fact I immediately began thinking about packaging the three books to promote together at one time. Granted some people don’t buy three books at a time of a book that has sold less than a million copies. ;{) So- I’m ready to get going. I’ve taken a class or two on ways to do this. I’m not just jumping off a bridge into frigid water. Given that writing here a whole lot more often, and figuring out how to get all the widgets working to get more exposure is one of the first things I need to attend to. . . well. . . get ready.
I’m holding myself accountable.


Although DIMENSION NORRÆNA is about the potential, eventual reality of teleportation—not to other planets, but to other dimensions, the intrigue between safety and peril, happiness and misery is heightened by—what else—but romance.

A love triangle occurs when Skye develops a promising relationship with her handsome colleague in the Theatre Department at Cuevas College and her inability to refrain from deeper involvement with the scintillating and sensual draw of her striking mentor in Norræna.

After creating ideas and writing about the interaction between Jake, Skye and Zalehr, I thought I would look up some info about romance in novels. Although this book to is not a romance, it is not without some. The below information is interesting and helpful.

cuddling lions

Popular types of Romances

Sexy billionaire-We’ve seen this over and over- even 50 Shades uses it.
Reunited Lovers– war stories, someone missing or who has disappeared.
Friends to Lovers – Becoming more popular, or one desires the other, but not vice-versa
Strong hero – male or female- someone is drawn to power, popularity or nobility
Unavailable love interest– encourages an affair, draws a person to what they cannot have
Funny, Sassy or super Intelligent individual– very appealing on a deeper – more involved level
Love triangle– Of course- sets the stage for intrigue and drama
Second time around love-Definitely happens in real life, provides much opportunity for psychological depth and friction
First Love, great stand-by for young adult- even early teen novels. Nice for soft romance.
Soulmate –for those who believe this is possible- that destiny rules- there is someone special out there waiting
Secret romance- let’s have an affair- the taboo aspect is a strong temptation and fun to read about- while hurtful for characters- good for mysteries and psych dramas.

Some stats I ran across indicated that 84% of romance readers were female, 16% male. Age bracket ran from 30-54- depending on whose reporting. Very popular in the southern states, average income was reported as $55.000 of romance readers.
64% read romance more than once a month and 35% buy more than once a month.

There are sub-genre’s for Romance also and here are some percentages of what people buy in print versions:
Romantic suspense-50%
Historical: 34%
New Adult-26%
Paranormal- 19%
Young Adult-18%

The percentage for e-books fell in the same order though they were lower.
Theses stats came from: Romance Writers of America-2014