Dimension Norraena: Vision is the final book of the trilogy. Once again in the writing process I found that it was not really difficult to let the story just flow out of me. Being a “pancer” and not really knowing where the characters or my mind was going to lead me, I knew it would come. I think that’s because I was so involved with the story myself and especially the characters.

Being that in this trilogy, the stories are not different from one another. I had the task of continuing the enduring suspense romantically and this meant finding a believable way for Skye to ultimately make her decision. Making that decision included a great deal more than just selecting a partner, it meant trusting not only someone else, but herself first and foremost.

Near the end there is a twist, you might see it earlier, you might not, but it lends a whole new possibility to adventures Skye might have from this point on.

I’ve learned a lot and continue to learn even more that I’d like to contribute for other writers. I plan to be much more active now, so I hope you’ll check in more frequently as well. Thank you for being here.

I’ve already begun a new book called, NAME OF THE GAME. That’s the working title and either I’ll have to change the title of this blog eventually or maybe start a new one. In any case it’s not a trilogy and I’ll tell you about it soon.

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